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In case you are new to online casino games and cannot resist playing it is superior for for you to try your luck at no deposit online casino first. An entire casinos the gamers do not need to keep money as an initial deposit for wagering. Even though, it isRead More →

Part of your grave keeping duties in Graveyard Keeper is, of course, taking care of the graveyard. The graveyard starts off as a mess but you can quickly turn things around and earn some extra cash though it. Check out this guide to find out how to raise your graveyardRead More →

To say the Monster Hunter World PC launch went pretty well would be an understatement. Just hours after the game launched on Steam, the game crushed the current record for the biggest launch of a Japanese game in the platform’s history. The previous record was held by Dark Souls 3,Read More →

Posted on August 9, 2018 at 9:30 am Your friendly neighbourhood games magazine is landing in a store near you and this month’s cover star is the spectacular Spider-Man himself. Get the latest on Insomniac’s massive new adventure and a lot more in games™ 203. Grab yourself a copy from MyFavouriteMags.comRead More →

If first impressions are the most important, then The Crew 2 doesn’t exactly get off to the best of starts. Within the space of two tutorials, the arcade inspired land/sea/air racer had crashed back to the dashboard twice – once in a particularly weird crash that forced us to logRead More →

Scott Olson/Getty Images Tesla’s board of directors is gearing up to consider Elon Musk’s plan to take the electric carmaker private. But yesterday afternoon—more than two days after Musk’s original tweet announcing the proposal—Tesla’s board still hadn’t been told who would pay for the deal, Reuters has reported. The board “hasRead More →

Bad stuff is happening in Trove. Or was happening. Right now, nothing’s happening at all because the servers came down early this morning, and the game probably won’t be back up for PC players until late this afternoon. It’s apparently because of a bug/exploit following Tuesday’s update that was wreckingRead More →

Share this article Companies in this article A publisher as big as Electronic Arts is constantly juggling the needs of the present with the opportunities of the future, investing in the next big things while taking care not to neglect the money maker du jour. While EA has historically hadRead More →